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What should I eat on race day?

Well if the race is longer than an Olympic distance I have no idea! For a sprint distance, a breakfast of a couple of eggs and bacon about three hours before the race and I feel great and finish strong, I have even done sprints without eating breakfast (because of early start times and not wanting to get up three hours before the race just to eat breakfast) and again felt fine and finished strong. The same nutrition strategy applies to an Olympic distance race. However maybe a slighter bigger breakfast and a gel or two (don’t really like eating these) on the bike ride. With the exception of one race (that is another story) I have always felt fine finishing the race (nutritionally speaking).

I have done over 25 Sprint and Olympic distance races and I am not too worried about my race day nutrition, however I am always experimenting  because I still feel it can be better. But this year I am attempting my first 70.3 and the race day nutrition is much more involved. So I have done some research as to what the pros eat during these much longer races. What I found horrified me! Continue reading


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