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Barefoot running

Yes, just like most of the other so called  “primal people” out there, I too run barefoot. Well, maybe not exactly barefoot (I am not that crazy),  I run in my vibram five finger shoes for nearly 90% of all my training runs. I started running barefoot just about this time last year and my results have been fantastic! Before running barefoot I use to suffered from mild plantar fasciitis (heel/foot pain) after my longer runs or races. Lucky for me the pain was mild and thankfully it would usually subside after a few days it was still very irritating/scary. Since running barefoot I have been pain/injury free and my feet and ankles have become much stronger. While the barefoot movement is definitely getting bigger there are still a lot of non-believers out there, so lets look at some of the benefits to running barefoot. Continue reading


Nobody said it would be easy

Their is good news and bad news. The bad news is that I had my first setback this week (since starting the Primal Triathlete). The good news is that I am really confident I know the source of this “setback”. Mistakes are part of the learning process and understanding the cause of the mistakes makes us smarter and stronger!

So what happened? Well I ran myself into the ground and became extremely tired and sick, basically I over-trained.  Now this is not the first time I have over-trained, but hopefully it is the last (keeping my fingers crossed). I believe that this “bout” of over-training was due to the lack of carbohydrates. Now I know all the naysayers are thinking, “I told you so”! I agree I do need carbohydrates to fuel my training sessions, but where I went wrong was not paying attention to how much I was eating.

The primal diet is basically a “low carb” diet and I have “learned” to eat “primal” without even thinking about it. So I was keeping my carbohydrate consumption low not necessarily by choice but by habit. I believe my carbohydrate consumption was around 200-grams which is definitely not enough for an endurance athlete.

The plan of attack: Continue reading

What role does strength training play?

This is another one of the issues where I feel my philosophies differ from that of most conventional triathletes.  For me strength training plays a huge role not only in becoming a better triathlete but is critical for achieving better overall health, reducing injuries, and obtaining/maintaining better body composition. There are three main reasons why many triathletes don’t strength train:

  1. Not enough time – This one is hard to argue with. I think some triathletes are not necessarily against strength training but it is extremely hard just to get enough swim, bike and run workouts done each week, so if the choice is bike ride or weight session, a bike ride will usually win that battle. However, I still recommend making strength training a priority at least 2 times a week even if that means one less swim session or bike ride. Continue reading

Does it matter which carbohydrates you eat?

Well it looks like not all carbohydrates are created equal. Are you surprised? While doing some research, I came across an abstract titled ” Improved recovery from prolonged exercise following the consumption of low glycemic index carbohydrate meals.” I contacted Professor Clyde Williams and he sent me a copy of the paper.

This paper discusses the results of endurance athletes having greater recovery eating a post-exercise meal consisting of low-glycemic index carbohydrates, than athletes who ate a recovery meal consisting of high-glycemic index carbohydrates. This is a fascinating study and seems to be in line with the philosophies of the Primal Triathlete. I have read the paper and I will give you my analysis.

Continue reading

Yes. I do eat carbohydrates

Many people think that because I subscribe to a primal diet that I don’t eat any carbohydrates. I eat plenty of carbohydrates I just don’t eat processed carbohydrates or grains. It seems that a lot of folks are forgetting that carbohydrates come from many other sources then just bread and pasta. Vegetables, fruits, and tubers are all very high in carbs. In addition to the source of carbs, I also think the timing of when I eat carbohydrates is also very critical. First let’s look at some of my carbohydrates of choice:

Chicken or the Egg?

I have had a few debates with people since my last post “What do you eat on race day”. I would like to thank people for the questions and comments I am always happy to debate my point of you and your questions help to keep me on my toes. Keep the questions and comments coming! So based on some of the questions I wanted to further elaborate my overall goals when it comes to both triathlon and overall health and fitness. Continue reading

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