We are all Triathletes

I know! I have been getting emails asking for my food log, I promised to post my weekly food logs very soon, I have been busy driving cross-country and while driving cross country healthy food options are few and far between, I did manage to eat Primal-ly. I will get to the food log soon, I promise, but now I would like to talk about what makes a triathlete.

My definition of a triathlete –  somebody that has trained for a race, started that race with every intention of doing their best, completed the race, and then signed up for the next race. If you have done that, congratulations you are a triathlete regardless of the distance of the race!

I bring up “distance” of the race for a specific reason. It is no secret that I prefer Sprint and Olympic distances, while I plan on doing a 70.3 this year, unless I have some magical experience, I believe my love will always be with the shorter distances. Does that make me less of a triathlete? Well according to some it does! It is funny when I meet an “Ironman” and they find out I am a triathlete, their face lights up and they ask what have you done? And when I say, I do Sprints and Olympics, they give me a look like, Oh I am sorry. Well I would like to address these “tri snobs” that think longer is better and unless you do an Ironman you are not a real triathlete.  I do 10 – 15 races a year while these “snobs” may do only one, who is more of a triathlete? The argument of who is more of a triathlete is really crazy and stupid if you ask me, it is really like comparing apples to oranges. Let me give you an example.

Who is a better runner? The gold medalist in the 100-meter dash or the gold medalist marathoner? They are both runners and great at what they do, but their is no real way to decide if one is more of a runner than the other. Some might try and argue that anybody can run a 100-meters but not everybody can run a marathon. This is a horrible argument for two reasons: First, I would say just about anybody can complete a marathon, in fact it happens all the time, a couple of ladies from your office will sign up for a marathon as a new years resolution, train a couple of times a week, run the first 8 miles, walk the rest and then pat each other on the back for having accomplished a marathon. Second, it is about time, not finishing! Sure the marathoner can run a 100-meters but I guarantee he can’t run faster than the sprinter and vice versa.

The sprinter and marathoner have competently different body types and training methods but at the end of the day they are runners! This is how I feel about triathlon. So whether it is a Sprint distance or Ironman we are all triathletes we just compete in different events. Lastly, if you are one of these “tri snobs” I challenge you “take a day off” (I love this argument, this is why “tri snobs” never race shorter races because they need to get some “distance in” and can’t be bothered with a short race) and do a sprint race, you might even have fun!


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