Training Update and Methodology

I know I have been bad about posting but I figured this would be a good time to give a training update. As you know this blog is about me becoming a competitive triathlete while using unconventional training methods and eating a primal diet. This season I have completed 4 months of training and have done two races and so far I feel  great!

I have also just started Crossfit as a way to supplement my training. My training methodology  is based on muscular strength versus just pure endurance training. My definition of strength is having at least a strength to weight ratio of one. This is the best definition of how strong your are, can you do pull-ups, dips, and push-ups? Are you able to dead-lift, bench press, and squat your body weight (for these exercises your goal should be to lift more than your body weight)? For me, weight training and strength development takes a higher priority than the longer slower cardio training that has become the norm for many triathletes.

With that being said, I am unwilling to sacrifice muscle strength for faster results. Many triathletes subscribe to theRacing Weight” methodology which is to get a lean as possible for peak performance. Now the “getting lean as possible” tag line is a bit misleading because I would argue I have a lower body-fat percentage than most triathletes. What it really means is to lose as much weight as possible including muscle mass to achieve maximum results. If you want to get faster the Racing Weight methodology will definitely work however I do not want to lose muscle mass in order to become faster.

Last Saturday (April 23, 2011) I just finished my second race of the season and I felt good. The race was uneventful (a good thing) which means no crazy stories of extremely cold water or getting violated by my bike seat.  I felt I was able to give a maximum effort and beside wishing I could run a little faster there was nothing that would lead me to question my diet and training methods. I was joking with some people that I am now the worst of the best. I am finishing with the top guys but at the slower end. As of  now I am happy with my results and the training continues. I have two more races planed for the month of May:

  • Jay Benson Sprint Triathlon – Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
  • Dog House Sprint Triathlon – Lubbock, Texas

In June there are a few races on my radar (haven’t committed to any yet) one being the 70.3 Buffalo Springs Ironman on June 26 (I am about 90% sure I am going to do this race!).


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