Food log update

I know I promised to post my weekly food log; I previously posted two food logs and then have not posted since. The reason I have not been consistent about posting my weekly food log is not because I am trying to hide anything I just quickly realized that my food logs were very uneventful. I typically cook 1 or 2 really huge meals a week and that’s all I eat for the entire week. I have no problem eating leftovers; in fact I love leftovers because they are extremely convenient especially when you have a very busy schedule. I try to do all my cooking for the week on Sunday and then eat leftovers for the rest of the week. So instead of posting my detailed food logs I will tell you about my macronutrient breakdown and give you general of my food intake.

The three main macronutrients that all food is composed of are; protein, fats, and carbohydrates. I did track my food intake for one month to get a good (general) idea of my macronutrient breakdown. My typical macronutrient is as follows:

  • 50% fat – I get most of my fat from animal sources. I love bacon! In fact I eat bacon and eggs every morning. Somehow I never get tired of that meal. I also eat a lot of avocados, macadamia nuts, drink lots of coconut milk, and I also eat some full fat cheese and Greek yogurt.
  • 25% protein – Most everybody knows about protein sources. I eat eggs, grassfed beef, salmon, chicken, pork and I also use a whey protein supplement.
  • 25% carbohydrates – My carbohydrates consists of lots of potatoes, both sweet (I love sweet potatoes) and white. I also eat a lot of vegetables, some fruit and some white rice on occasion, usually after a really intense workout when I need to replace my glycogen stores very quickly. Again I do not eat any wheat products.
  • <2% other – Alcohol

As you can seen my fat intake is very high when compared to the standard American diet and also when compared to most triathletes. A typical triathletes macronutrient breakdown is as follows:

  • 50% – 60% carbohydrates
  • 20% – 30% protein
  • 10% – 20% fat
  • <2% other

The main difference between my breakdown and the typical triathlete is I get the majority of my calories from fat where the conventional triathlete gets the majority of calories from carbohydrates.


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