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Race Report: Lake Havasu 2011

Spring Break, Ice cold water, and many unexpected challenges, looks like the 2011 race season has begun…Saturday March 19, 2011 I had my first race of the season an Olympic distance race in Lake Havasu, Arizona. The Lake Havasu Triathlon is a VERY early season race thus my personal expectations are fairly low. This is the third time I have completed this race and for me this race has one main purpose: It is a benchmark for me and helps to determine my training focus for the year. In other words, helps me better determine my strengths and weakness.

Lake Havasu is a great place for the first tri of the season because it takes place during spring break and there is plenty of great scenery, if you know what I mean :).

Race day:  This is an early season tri which typically means cold water and Lake Havasu did not disappoint. The water temp on race morning was a cool 62 degrees. Awesome! Why can’t I find those stupid swim sock things and are they even legal? Nobody seems to know if you can wear them but it does not matter because I don’t have them anyway. As the swim started I get a headache from the cold water on my forehead…I guess I need to buy a neoprene hat. Anyway despite being cold I post a PR for an Olympic swim 27.44 minutes.

While running on the beach to the transition area I realize I can’t feel my feet, which probably worked out in my favor at first because Continue reading


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