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Training Update and Methodology

I know I have been bad about posting but I figured this would be a good time to give a training update. As you know this blog is about me becoming a competitive triathlete while using unconventional training methods and eating a primal diet. This season I have completed 4 months of training and have done two races and so far I feel  great!

I have also just started Crossfit as a way to supplement my training. My training methodology  is based on muscular strength versus just pure endurance training. My definition of strength is having at least a strength to weight ratio of one. This is the best definition of how strong your are, can you do pull-ups, dips, and push-ups? Are you able to dead-lift, bench press, and squat your body weight (for these exercises your goal should be to lift more than your body weight)? For me, weight training and strength development takes a higher priority than the longer slower cardio training that has become the norm for many triathletes.

With that being said, I am unwilling to sacrifice muscle strength for faster results. Many triathletes subscribe to the Continue reading


What role does strength training play?

This is another one of the issues where I feel my philosophies differ from that of most conventional triathletes.  For me strength training plays a huge role not only in becoming a better triathlete but is critical for achieving better overall health, reducing injuries, and obtaining/maintaining better body composition. There are three main reasons why many triathletes don’t strength train:

  1. Not enough time – This one is hard to argue with. I think some triathletes are not necessarily against strength training but it is extremely hard just to get enough swim, bike and run workouts done each week, so if the choice is bike ride or weight session, a bike ride will usually win that battle. However, I still recommend making strength training a priority at least 2 times a week even if that means one less swim session or bike ride. Continue reading

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