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Is CrossFit Endurance for me?

As if  the conventional triathletes needed anymore reasons to hate me I have stopped doing the long slow distance (LSD) training that is the accepted norm, and instead I have been training using  strictly the CrossFit Endurance methodology for the last month. And guess what? I like it a lot! I believe I have found the training program I have been looking for. I have never really been a fan of the LSD training methodology I just did it because that is just “how you train” for triathlons. But the idea of doing 4-hr bike rides or 2-hr runs just makes me sick, it is boring, dangerous (more time on the road), and even lonely.

Before I even knew about CrossFit I always gravitated towards shorter (duration) but higher intensity workouts. Growing up playing sports that was how we used to train. We did lots of sprints, plyometrics, and strength training. The general philosophy was “we may not be the most skilled but nobody will be stronger than us”. Not to mention I really enjoyed the camaraderie of team sports and CrossFit does a great job of bringing that camaraderie back. The “shared” experience of the super hard workouts and the overall encouraging environment of CrossFit build friendships and makes the whole experience better.

What is CrossFit Endurance? It is an endurance training program where building overall strength is the main objective. Athletes focus on building strength, explosive power and speed by conducting Olympic style lifts, sprinting, plyometrics, and even gymnastics all in the pursuit of greater overall fitness. An average training week for me looks like: Continue reading


Training Update and Methodology

I know I have been bad about posting but I figured this would be a good time to give a training update. As you know this blog is about me becoming a competitive triathlete while using unconventional training methods and eating a primal diet. This season I have completed 4 months of training and have done two races and so far I feel  great!

I have also just started Crossfit as a way to supplement my training. My training methodology  is based on muscular strength versus just pure endurance training. My definition of strength is having at least a strength to weight ratio of one. This is the best definition of how strong your are, can you do pull-ups, dips, and push-ups? Are you able to dead-lift, bench press, and squat your body weight (for these exercises your goal should be to lift more than your body weight)? For me, weight training and strength development takes a higher priority than the longer slower cardio training that has become the norm for many triathletes.

With that being said, I am unwilling to sacrifice muscle strength for faster results. Many triathletes subscribe to the Continue reading

Barefoot running

Yes, just like most of the other so called  “primal people” out there, I too run barefoot. Well, maybe not exactly barefoot (I am not that crazy),  I run in my vibram five finger shoes for nearly 90% of all my training runs. I started running barefoot just about this time last year and my results have been fantastic! Before running barefoot I use to suffered from mild plantar fasciitis (heel/foot pain) after my longer runs or races. Lucky for me the pain was mild and thankfully it would usually subside after a few days it was still very irritating/scary. Since running barefoot I have been pain/injury free and my feet and ankles have become much stronger. While the barefoot movement is definitely getting bigger there are still a lot of non-believers out there, so lets look at some of the benefits to running barefoot. Continue reading

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